Sundays Bicycle Insurance

By cyclists, for cyclists

Beyond coverage, Sundays brings 15 years of cycling community know-how to offer you exceptional value. We connect you with local bike shops and celebrate meaningful cycling experiences.

What Sundays Covers

Comprehensive Coverages

Sundays covers almost all types of bicycles up to $21,500 whether you use it to race, commute, or exercise.

In partnership with Strava

We teamed up with Strava to provide insurance benefits. If you’re a paid Strava subscriber, make the most of your subscription with benefits from Sundays that keep you riding with peace of mind.

Approved Locks

The locks Sundays currently approve are selected keyed D-locks, Folding locks and Chain locks less than 2 years old at policy inception.

File a Claim

Report the incident as soon as possible. All incidents involving theft or attempted theft require a police report in order to make a claim.